Brian Bailey


August 2, 2023

Greetings Joan MacQueen families, students, and community, 

I am grateful to begin my second year as Principal of Joan MacQueen Middle School. The chance to serve a fabulous community, like Alpine, is what pulled me into the field of education all those years ago. Each day I have a new opportunity to work alongside talented students and their families, and world-class teachers and support staff who have all made JMMS the special place it is today. This year we will continue the tradition of excellence expected of Joan MacQueen Middle School, and will push it to even greater heights. 

Last year the school showed growth in each academic area, and this year we will organize around ensuring that every child receives the academic and social support they need to do the work of achieving their full potential as human beings with agency to impact the world around them in profound ways. 

This year we begin the work of producing students who will come to symbolize the characteristics laid forth in AUSD’s “Portrait of a Learner” initiative. This year, we redouble our efforts to produce young people who are adaptable, good communicators, critical thinkers, responsible, and empathetic. They will be financially literate leaders ready to tackle the challenges of the world at large and to navigate their own transitions to adulthood. 

Middle School is an exciting and tumultuous time where students may begin to take more ownership over their learning, and we encourage them to advocate for themselves. However, we do recommend that families remain active participants in their childrens’ education. Active home-school collaboration is a major indicator of a child’s success in school, and the kids want their families involved (even when they say they do not).

Great ways to be involved in the school is to join the PTA, or run for JMMS School Site Council. Volunteering on campus or in classrooms are other ways to remain positively connected to your child’s school.

I predict this will be a wonderfully successful year. There is a long way to go, but by partnering with the entire school community, we can make it the best year yet at JMMS!

With gratitude, 

Mr. Bailey  

Principal, Joan MacQueen Middle School