The WorkAbility I (WAI) grant programs provide comprehensive training in work, employment placement and follow-up for middle and high school students in special education who are making the transition from school to work, independent living and post-secondary education or training. The WAI program is funded and administered by the California Department of Education and offers special education students the opportunity to complete their secondary education while also obtaining marketable job skills for success in the modern labor market.

The benefits our students receive are:

  • The use of assessments to explore personal interests and career matches

  • Career exploration through field trips and computer research

  • Intensive instruction of reading comprehension and fluency, math and writing skills

  • Learning and practicing employability skills (soft skills)

  • Job seeking and budgeting skills

  • Preparation for adult life roles and responsibilities

  • Increased self-confidence and sense of personal goals

  • Exposure to high school and college/trade school options