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Executive Director of Human Resources and Student Services
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Payroll/Benefits Supervisor
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Teri Lyle
Human Resources Technician
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Charlene Brown
Human Resources Technician
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Workers' Compensation Notification of Rights Material

Workers' Compensation Handbook

Predesignation of Personal Physician Form

DWC 1 WC Claim Form

Workers' Compensation Doctor Visit Process

Workers' Compensation Doctor Visit Location

If you have questions about the MPN, to file an MPN complaint, or to obtain a copy of any notification regarding the medical provider network that is required to be given to an employee by regulations adopted by the administrative director that is not listed below, please submit a request to the MPN Contact, Felicia Amenta by phone at (800) 560-5060 or e-mail at

For assistance in locating MPN providers and scheduling appointments, please contact the Medical Access Assistant by phone at (844) 752-1141 or e-mail at Medical Access Assistants are available Monday through Saturday (excluding Sundays and holidays) from 7 am to 8 pm, Pacific Time.