Our Vision

The Alpine Union School District Board of Trustee’s vision is to foster educational excellence, inspire intellectual curiosity, creativity, and discovery by fully engaging our community to provide students an innovative education in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Mission

The Alpine Union School District Board of Trustee’s mission is to create an inclusive, creative, innovative, student-centered environment that empowers our students to be lifelong learners by ensuring excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Core Values

➔ We believe the school system, families, and communities are necessary partners in ensuring the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success of our students.
➔ We believe that meaningful engagement with our community is important to all major decision making.
➔ We believe that public education is essential to democracy and necessary for economic opportunity, mobility, and the broader public good.
➔ We believe each individual has dignity and worth.
➔ We believe cultural literacy is important, and diversity enriches our lives.
➔ We believe maintaining rigorous standards and high expectations for all students are key to academic excellence and lifelong learning.
➔ We believe that a focus on continuous improvement is critical to success.
➔ We believe each student is uniquely capable and deserves an engaging, relevant, and challenging educational experience.
➔ We believe instruction should be customized/personalized to meet the learning needs of each individual child so they have the support and opportunity they need to flourish.
➔ We believe that the District must meet the needs of the whole child, providing social and emotional supports.
➔ We believe students are responsible and accountable for their own actions.
➔ We believe technology must be embraced and used to enhance education.
➔ We believe that the community has the right to transparent operations across the district in all schools and departments.
➔ We believe that recruitment and retention of qualified and effective personnel are the keys to enhancing the quality of education and increasing student achievement.