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2022-23 School Bus Registration

Bus registration for the 2022-23 school year begins July 15, 2022. All student school bus registrations MUST be completed by August 6, 2022, including payment, or students will not be able to ride the bus the first week of school.

Students who have completed registration and payments will get the first priority. Students registered after August 6th, 2022 are subject to a approval delay up to 7 working days.   

Please follow the steps below to complete your child's school bus registration. A separate registration must be filled out for each student riding the bus.

STEP 1: Complete the bus registration application form by clicking on the link. Click Here

STEP 2: The payment system has been revised to ProCare. Once you have registered, you will receive an email to sign up for ProCare.

If your student qualifies for the Free/Reduced meal program, you do not need to purchase a bus pass.


Type of Pass

Transportation Fees

Annual Pass (AM and PM)


Annual Pass (AM or PM)


Semester Pass (AM and PM)


Semester Pass (AM or PM)


Monthly Pass (AM and PM)*


Monthly Pass (AM or PM)*


Replacement Bus Pass 


*Must enroll in reoccurring payments.

Please contact for any questions.

Can children be dropped off at a different stop on the way home?
Students may only ride their assigned buses. Transporting students to an alternative, yet existing, stop on the student’s same route may be granted if done so on a regular basis, space permitting. Requests for alternative stops should be made in writing to the principal at least two days in advance of the request.

What are the expectations about behavior on the bus?
Students are expected to behave in a manner that will provide optimum safety of the individual student as well as the safety of other students aboard the bus. A complete list of bus rules is available on the District Transportation Department tab.

What if schools close due to COVID-19?
Transportation fees have been adjusted to account for reduced transportation needs due to COVID-19. Any additional adjustments will be addressed as needed. Please contact AUSD for refunds.

For questions regarding routes, please contact the Dispatch Office at Grossmont Union High School District at (619) 644-8186 extension 3.

For questions regarding registration, please contact Toni at AUSD 619-445-3236 x810.