California Administrative Code Title 5 Regulations contain complete eligibility criteria.
Referral for special education and services is only appropriate when the conditions of California Education Code 56303 have been met:

“A student shall be referred for special education services and instruction only after the resources of the regular education program have been considered, and, where appropriate, utilized.”


The use of the Student Study Team to plan modifications for the regular education program is a necessary first step prior to special education consideration.

For children identified as needing special education services, the Alpine Union School District provides a continuum of program options. Every effort is made to provide needed services in the least restrictive environment.

For information on referrals/screenings for the special education preschool program located at Creekside Early Learning Center, please contact Alesa Gudmundson, Program Secretary, at (619) 445-3236. To be eligible to participate in the preschool program, the student must be found eligible as an individual with exceptional needs and be between the ages of three and five years.

If you have concerns about your child’s progress, please contact your child’s teacher or school site principal.

Additional Information:

Participating school districts seek consultation from a Community Advisory Committee made up of parents, educators and other community members.