Director of Expanded Learning and Student Services

Natalija Worrell, MA

619-659-8250 x129

Lead Tutors


Taylor Laveron

Boulder Oaks:

Kathleen Brown

Joan McQueen:

Natalija Worrell

Expanded Learning and Opportunities Program (ELOP)

The AUSD Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP) is committed to providing a safe, supportive, nurturing, and welcoming environment at all times to meet the various needs of all of the students, including social-emotional and academic needs through the Alpine Academy.

Our focus will center around targeted academic interventions for students who are identified as specialized categories and students who are performing below grade level. Enrichment activities will support the interest of our students.


Creekside Early Learning Center - Tutoring Room 19, Enrichment Room 20

Creekside services Shadow Hills Elementary, Mountain View Learning Academy and Creekside Early Learning Center.

Boulder Oaks Elementary - Tutoring Room Library, Enrichment Room Auditorium

Joan McQueen Middle- Tutoring Room 104