Yvette Maier, Principal

Yvette Maier, Principal

I am Yvette Maier, principal of Mountain View Learning Academy. I love being part of the exceptional team at each school. The schools are high performing with dedicated students, staff, and parents and I am honored to be a part of them. I view education through the lens of a principal, teacher, and mother. These perspectives serve me well when making decisions that impact the learning and lives of students and families.

I take my role seriously and understand you are sharing your most precious possession with us each and every day. My goal is to make sure the time they spend at our school is safe, valuable, engaging, and fun. I want students to be excited to share what they have learned in the car on the way home or at the dinner table. Each day at school will make your child’s dreams of the future more of a reality. As principal of these three sites, I will maintain the excellence in academics and continue to push all of us to grow as learners. The challenge of education is that the bar is continually being raised higher for our students in all areas. I truly feel energized by thinking of our possibilities.

I am eager to meet all of you in the carpool lane or in the halls of the school. Know my door is always open and I hope you will take the time to introduce yourself and share ideas.

I am grateful for every day that I am part of the Shadow Hills and Mountain View team. I am excited to see what the new school year holds for us.