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PE Uniforms and Excuses

19/20 PE Uniforms

Shirt (Hanes 50/50 or Performance): $10.00

Shorts: $10.00

SET: $20.00

PE uniforms may be purchased in the office by cash or check. The office will issue a receipt which is redeemed for clothing in the locker room. 

For online purchases, the front office must wait for payment confirmation from the District Office. Once confirmation is received, the front office will issue a receipt for the student.



PE Uniforms

Students must have either a JMMS PE uniform or a solid gray T-shirt without logos, collar, or pockets (no tank tops or sleeveless shirts) and cotton solid navy blue shorts without logos, pockets or belt loops. The length of shorts must be within dress code guidelines. Shirts must be tucked into shorts. Athletic shoes are required and white rubber soles are preferred for gym use. Sweat clothes for cool weather may be worn (no logos). As a service to parents, PE uniforms may be purchased at the Front Office. All PE clothing must have the student’s name clearly marked on it. Any markings elsewhere or altering PE clothes will not be accepted and they will need to be replaced. Students are expected to dress out each day. PE lockers are available to each student. It is highly encouraged that students provide a combination lock (no key) so their PE clothing and other personal items will be secure while other class periods use the locker room. Students must register the combination with the PE teacher. It is the responsibility of the student to secure items left in the locker room. The school is not responsible for items in an unlocked locker that are lost, stolen or damaged. Cell phones, cameras, and aerosol sprays are NEVER to be used in locker rooms.


PE Excuses

Students may be excused from PE for illness or injury for up to three consecutive days with a note from a parent/guardian. Students must present the note to the PE teacher at roll call. For periods of four days or more, a letter from a physician must be submitted to the Front Office. Medical excuses must be renewed each year. If a student has any medical considerations, i.e. asthma, bee sting allergies, etc., both PE and the Health Office must be notified in writing.