Principal's Message


The staff of Joan MacQueen has worked hard to produce high-quality instruction in these most challenging times. We ask that you work with us to provide the best possible distance learning environment for your child.

To support your child:

  • Make sure they are up for their first class at 8:00 am.
  • Set up a quiet space for them to work.
  • Let them work through some of the challenges and let them struggle a little bit so they can learn independence.
  • Encourage them to ask their teacher questions, whether in the Zoom or via email.
  • If you need assistance don't hesitate to reach out.

Join us for the Virtual Back to School Night on Tuesday at 6:00 pm

Lastly, I wanted to share some of what I witnessed in the last two days. Kids and teachers are so happy to see each other. When the online classes finished, students stayed on to chat with their friends and teachers. I also observed a JMMS teacher dancing through the hallway. Although, I won't single them out it was a joy to see Ms. Keller's happy feet. I also witnessed the anticipation on the faces of our newest Dust Devils yearning to come back on campus. When that time comes our main goal will be the health of all of our students and staff. We urge everyone to follow all of the guidelines outlined in the AUSD Re-Opening Plan. The last thing anyone wants to do is yo-yo the opening and closing of the school.