Principal Message

Good afternoon Joan MacQueen; this is your proud Principal Casey Currigan with the last message of the 2019/20 school year. Wow! what a year it has been! I remember last August as our brand new sixth graders came to school with high hopes and smiling faces. We endured some bumps and bruises and remained steadfast as 2020 began. In mid-March, it all became surreal, and I remember a student asking me on the way off-campus, "Do you think we are done for the year?" Honestly, I didn't, and when the weeks turned into months, the new normal became looking at friends, students, and coworkers on a computer screen.

I want you to know that it is not what any of the teachers or staff at Joan MacQueen would like to see, and we are planning for a traditional start to school in August. With all of the new knowledge that we have gained this spring. We have learned to be resilient, and we are all going to be stronger, having gone through 2020.

Please treat one another with grace and patience; we are, after all, only human. Have a wonderful summer be safe and stay healthy.

Lastly, we are asking any 8th-grade family who is not planning on attending our drive-through promotion to let us know so that we can have your child's promotion certificate and report card ready to mail home. Click Here if not attending Drive-Thru Promotion.