Future Focus Planning Community Forums:  Thank You For Your Input!

    Our students will inherit a world that is exponentially different than the one in which we live today. To ensure that our students are prepared to compete in the global marketplace, they will need to develop a set of skills that include the ability to collaborate with others, think critically, communicate effectively and adapt to a changing world landscape. We will need to ensure that our students have access to a range of learning opportunities that provide opportunities to think anew. This includes ensuring that students can pursue their passions and interests while being provided personalized learning opportunities and multiple pathways for learning.

    As a District we are committed to ensuring that the way teaching and learning occurs for our students evolves to ensure that each student reaches their potential. To craft a vision for the future we need to hear your ideas, thoughts and dreams for the future. We want to thank each of our parents and community members for sharing their ideas and thoughts with us. Stay tuned for the next steps.