Besides the obvious health benefits, there is extensive research that shows that exercise prior to the school day is very beneficial for elementary school children. Students may be more focused allowing them to learn better, behavioral issues can decrease, and academic achievement can soar.


    We will start at  8:35 a.m. every morning before school begins and continue until the first bell at 8:55 a.m. Run, walk, skip, or hop as many laps as you can each morning and earn a credit for each lap!


    HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:  Every child will be issued a running card with a personalized bar code. Volunteers scan these bar codes when the children complete each lap. They are then uploaded to a website called StrideTrack® where we keep track of your child’s laps and progress. The students will be awarded a “Toe Token” for every five miles they run.



    WHEN IS RUNNING CLUB?  Since our Running Club is new, we are starting with just running on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:35-8:55.  If we get a lot of runners AND volunteers to help us scan cards, we will increase to running five days a week. (This is our goal!)  Please note: We will not run if it is raining or the field is too wet.

    HOW MANY LAPS DOES IT TAKE TO RUN A MILE?  5 laps around our field equals 1 mile. Your child will get credit for every lap.

    CAN PARENTS GET INVOLVED?  Yes!  In fact, we cannot do this program without parent help.  If you are on campus with your child before 8:55 on Wednesdays or Fridays, grab a scanner and help  scan cards as the kids run laps.


    CAN PARENTS RUN?  Absolutely!! Parents are welcome and encouraged to get out there and exercise with your child!

    **Thank you to our PTA for supporting this program and to our parent volunteers that have helped with all of the preparations of launching Running Club!**