• Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee

    Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee

    January 4, 2017 Meeting

    What works?

    Rules about bra straps

    DREAM rules

    No see through shirts

    Shorts should be fist length

    No crop tops

    No writing on skin

    No sagging pants for boys (girls)


    Needs to Improve

    **Consistency in enforcing

                Holes in jeans with holes

                Crop tops

    Shorts in stores is limited

    Should not write on themselves it is distracting

    Clarification on jewelry

    Why not hoods?

    Remove scarves


    Future Topics

    Tarps on bike rack

    Appropriate conduct in hallway

    Open bathrooms on blacktop

    Staggered lunch in the future.


    December 7, 2016

    The first meeting for students that have volunteered to be on the advisory committee occured at JMMS on December 7th, 2016.  The students had created and administered a school wide student survey to provide data to the Dr. Newman regarding issues important to the student body.

    The meeting lasted for 30 minutes and topics discussed are below:

    Lunch Survey- some responses

    • Lunch is too short
    • Students need to make up laps
    • Slushies and cookies are their favorite foods

    Group wants some changes this year

    • What can we do this year?
    • What are the expectations
    • No cutting in line
    • Eat Lunch
    • Picking up trash
    • Be respectful to one another

    PROPOSAL: Go back to 35-minute lunch if expectations are not met, then lunch returns to 30 min. Dr. Newman wants to include teacher input. This would not start until 3rd quarter.

    Follow up with cafeteria regarding staffing and windows.

    Future Conversations

    High School Prep classes


    Library open at lunch

    Resources available to students

    Dress Code

    Teacher Supplies

    Volunteer hours

    Mixed age group compatibility

    More student supervision