• This page is designed to provide our staff and community with information, resources and progress reports relevant to the current contract negotiations that are taking place between the Alpine Union School District (AUSD) and the Alpine Teachers Association (ATA). 



    Memorandum of Understanding Between Alpine Union School District and Alpine Teachers Association Regarding Covid-19 Coronavirus


    Side Letter Between Alpine Union School District and the Alpine Teachers Association



    Alpine Union School District
    Sunshine Proposal for Reopener Agreement with Alpine Teachers Association
    November 14, 2018

    1. Article 6: Hours of Employment
      The District proposes to update language regarding the teacher collaboration day to provide flexibility to accommodate school sites.

    2. Article 7: Health and Welfare Benefits
      The District proposes to modify health and welfare benefits consistent with the District’s interest in maintaining affordable health benefits and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

    3. Article 9: Transfers and Reassignments
      The District proposes to update and modify this article to provide increased opportunities to recruit candidates and allow current staff increased opportunities for transfer.

    4. Article 12: Evaluation Procedure
      The District proposes to update and modify its evaluation procedures and related forms in order to provide meaningful evaluation to its certificated employees with tools that are aligned to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.  


    Representatives of the the Alpine Union School District (AUSD) and Alpine Teachers Association (ATA) reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement on February 5, 2018. 

    Click here to see the tentative agreement.


    Next Scheduled Negotiations Meeting:  January 31


    December 15, 2017

    Negotiating teams from the Alpine Union School District (AUSD) and Alpine Teachers Association (ATA) have met eight times to negotiate since February 2017. During this time the parties have exchanged many proposals on individual contract articles, including salary and benefits.

    For your reference, you can access the District's proposals here. In summary, the District has proposed the following to ATA:

    • 1.75% total compensation increase (1.25% on schedule and .5% with the reduction of one calendar work day).
    • Implementing Collaborative Teacher Planning time to take place every other week within the school day, which will create a minimum day each week. The alternating weeks will be School Improvement Staff Meetings, which will also occur within the school day.
    • $1000 one-time stipend for teachers attaining a single subject credential or supplementary authorization.
    • Increase the number of years accepted on the pay scale from 9 to 14 for newly hired teachers.
    • Increase from 2 to 4 years of service for military veterans who join our District.
    • Maintain retiree medical benefits for all current employees, and phase out retiree medical benefits for new hires beginning in 2018-19.

    The District's proposals reflect its interest in ensuring its teachers receive increased compensation, while also ensuring that it is being fiscally responsible when committing to ongoing expenditures. To this end, the District has taken into account several budgetary challenges we currently face. Two key factors significantly impacting the District's current and future budget are:

    • Declining student enrollment this year
    • Increased pension costs mandated by the State

    The District is committed to continuing negotiations in good faith with the intent of reaching a fair agreement that recognizes the hard work of our teachers, but also recognizes the financial realities the District is facing. We will continue to keep you updated as negotiations continue.