• Please Note: Schools cannot use their own Peachjar accounts to send out flyers for outside organizations. Outside organizations must create their own Peachjar accounts and upload their own flyers for district approval.

    Your school's Peachjar Site Administrator can upload flyers to the school's Peachjar account.  You can send your flyers to the Site Admin for uploading. The Site Admin is also in charge of assigning uploading privileges to others. Please contact that individual if you would like to request uploading privileges. Once uploading privileges are assigned to you, an auto-generated email is sent to you with your username and password.

    If you are a flyer uploader for your school, follow the directions below:

    • IMPORTANT:  Read the AUSD Flyer Policies in the next section below.
    • Visit
    • Log in.
    • Upload your flyer.  You will go through a "checkout" process, but there is no charge for flyers for schools and parent clubs.

    Your flyer will then be emailed out in the next cycle, which is typically the following day.

    Detailed Instructions
    Just like outside organizations can submit e-flyers to AUSD for approval to distribute to any of our schools, now our schools also have the capability to distribute e-flyers to other schools in our district.  If a school or parent club is hosting an event open to the entire community, and wants other schools’ families to know about it, that school can send its e-flyer to AUSD with a list of schools to send the flyer to.  Because of the Peachjar account structure, these flyers from other schools will appear to be coming from your school—but they have actually been sent by the district Peachjar account. 
    All flyers to be distributed must:

    • Activities must be educationally sound or of direct benefit to students.

    • Be in PDF format.

    • Contain font sizes not less than 12.

    • Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity.

    • Material must be from non-profit, non-commercial organizations.

    • Material must not advocate a religious or a political viewpoint.

    • Events charging a fee for participation are discouraged. Exceptions to this are events, classes, or camps being sponsored by an agency with which the district has an interagency agreement. Sample agencies include, but are not limited to: City of San Diego Parks & Recreation, YMCA, Boy and Girl Scouts of America.

    • Curriculum-based events such as essay contests, poster contests, "thons," Earth Day, Arbor Day, etc. need a commitment from a school that they intend to participate. After participation in such events is established, flyers must be approved through the superintendent's office via

    • All for-profit vendors will be denied approval for district wide distribution of their products/services.

    • Advertisements for fee-based services, such as private tutoring, music lessons, etc. are not approved. Fee-based, private sports/arts/academic camps will be considered by the superintendent on a case-by-case basis.

    • Events being offered in areas outside of Alpine will not be approved if the same opportunity is available within Alpine. Each request of this nature will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    • ALL FLYERS DISTRIBUTE MUST BE APPROVED AND STAMPED.  Schools will not accept flyers without the approval stamp. No additional information or changes can be made to an approved flyer.

    • Distribution and printing or copying is your responsibility. Flyers are to be packaged in bundles.  You will be given the breakdown of how many bundles once your flyer is approved.

    • DISCLAIMER - Alpine Union School District does not sponsor/endorse the activity and /or information contained in this flyer.

    NOTE:   Flyer approval does not constitute endorsement. Approval simply means the material has been reviewed and meets the guidelines for district wide distribution.

    The superintendent reserves the right to rescind approval to any organization or person if a complaint is received or the organization or person is found to be in violation of instructions from this office.

    USD Board Policy 1325