• Creekside Early Learning Center is an all-kindergarten school with 247 students. The school serves both general-education students and a full range of special-education students in our preschool. We offer Transitional Kindergarten classes for student that turn five after the September 1st cut off, but before December 2nd. In addition, we offer Early Admission Kindergarten (EAK) for the students that turn 5 between December 2nd and February 28th . There is a very active Parent Teacher Association (PTA), and numerous parents volunteer in the classroom. Our school is dedicated to providing a strong, balanced instructional program for all students.

    In addition to the traditional kindergarten classrooms, Creekside Early Learning Center offers a Spanish-immersion program that promotes high academic achievement while supporting second-language development and cross-cultural understanding for all students enrolled. We are implementing the program in kindergarten.  Academic subjects are taught to the students in English and Spanish using the 50/50 model. The program provides students with a rigorous learning experience in Spanish and English that is both culturally and linguistically responsive. Our Spanish-immersion students will become bilingual, biliterate and culturally competent learners who demonstrate high academic achievement in all areas. The students demonstrate global competencies to engage effectively with the wider world and cultures.

    The strategic plan for the Alpine Union School District promotes the goal of guiding children to become responsible, productive citizens who are lifelong learners. To help students achieve this goal, the students will rotate daily through our Pathway time, which incorporates core reading instruction with a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, phonemic awareness, word work, keyboarding, Sparks and the computer lab. These activities will increase the success of all students.

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  • Upcoming Spanish Immersion Parent Information Meetings

    February 16th

    March 7th

    at 6:00pm

    Give your student the gift of a second language

    Studies have shown that the younger a child is when exposed to a second language, the more easily a second language can be learned.

    Why Spanish?

    • Spanish opens the doors to many domestic and international career opportunities.

    • Sophisticated professions such as those in medicine, international distribution, the oil and gas industry, power generation, luxury goods, aviation and  other transportation technologies encompass extensive Spanish-speaking networks.

    • Knowledge of the Spanish language is also an asset in the fields of literature, the fine arts, gastronomy, cinema, law and business. Scores of major international businesses and organizations, as well as American companies, regularly recruit candidates who speak Spanish.

    • Students who learn Spanish perform better on standardized tests.




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  • 2017-18 Student Calendar Parent Survey: . In an effort to broaden our outreach and receive feedback from our stakeholders, the Alpine Union School District is conducting a Parent and Community Survey in regard to planning the 2017-2018 AUSD Student Calendar. Please click below to take the short six question survey.

    Parent and Community Survey 



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